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by 小花✿

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いってらっしゃい  | original.
Kumo Chuutarou via Karakara Kemuri twitter.


I have been a Fumma since birth. The revival of the clan is my only objective

Donten ni Warau opening

Thank you for being born as my brothers… I love you.

Kumo Tenka, The Head of the Cloud Shrine in that suit.


End Card of Donten ni Warau; Episode 02
Available in 1280x800 | 1920x1080

"I was always taught to be suspicious of people. To be suspicious of anything and everything. But they’re different. The guys here tend to believe in everyone. That is why I’ll be suspicious on their behalf." 

•「 Older Soramaru Kumo |||| Donten Ni Warau Gaiden 」•

Donten ni warau » Kinjou Shirasu


kumou tenka 

Kinjou Shirasu | Ep. 2 


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